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Singing live with guitar backing tracks is it karaoke

Singing Live with Guitar Backing Tracks is it Karaoke?

A recent question asked, is singing live with guitar backing tracks classed as karaoke? to determine the answer to this question it is necessary to determine the quality of the tracks used for a live performance, also does the backing track have all musical parts to provide a full backing for the singer.

Guitar Backing Tracks for Professional Singers

A guitar backing track is a piece of music that generally has no vocals,  a guitar part left out of the mix to allow guitarists to play along with the music, singing live with guitar backing tracks will depend on the mix of the track that is used, here at Jonesy Gig we provide guitar backing tracks, but we also include guitar backing track option for singers that includes all instruments in the mix allowing a vocalist to sing solo to a particular track.

Having said that a singer could also sing to a guitar backing track with the lead guitar removed from the mix as part of a duo, singing alongside a guitarist.

A Professional singer who sings to a professional guitar backing track is certainly not karaoke in the modern day meaning of the word, the artist provides a professional performance by using a performance quality piece of backing music to entertain an audience.

The word Karaoke in recent times is associated with a device that plays backing tracks, words appear on a screen, and a participant will try to sing the song to the best of their ability usually making many mistakes to provide an entertainment of fun rather than professionalism.

Professional Singer

Karaoke Singers

Professional singer singing live with guitar backing tracks
karaoke singers

What is The Difference Between Professional Backing Tracks and Karaoke Music?

A professional backing track will be created to a high standard recording each instrument in the same way a session musician would play each instrument in a professional band, this type of backing track is recorded to performance quality allowing a musician or singer perform a professional version of a song track to entertain their audience.

Professional backing tracks for singers will also have a professional intro, middle and ending to a song in the same way a live backing band would produce.

A karaoke track is very often a more inferior form of backing music very often midi, this type of backing music will allow the singer to follow along with the song and provide a form of entertainment but the quality is not the same as having what sounds like a real live backing band that performance quality backing tracks provide. 

Karaoke tracks also very often have a click track intro or a fade ending to the song which would not sound very professional if they were used for a professional live gig.


Singing live with guitar backing tracks is it karaoke

Is singing live with guitar backing tracks karaoke? no, in my opinion a karaoke track and a professional guitar backing track are leagues apart when it comes to a singers performance.

Performing live with professional guitar backing tracks will make a singer sound like they are singing with a live band behind them which makes their live performance sound professional compared to singing to a karaoke track.

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