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Eric Clapton Cocaine Backing Track No Bass Guitar Professional Instrumental Music MP3 Download for Gigging Musicians

Eric Clapton Cocaine Backing Track with No Bass Guitar

Premium Backing Track MP3 download (No Bass Guitar)

Backing Track Demo Clip


Full Performance Video Demo

(No vocals or bass guitar will be included in the MP3 Backing Track Download)

Track Info

  • Original Artist – Eric Clapton
  • Genre – Rock
  • Type – No Bass Guitar
  • Backing Track length – 4.16 mins
  • In the key of E major



Eric Clapton Cocaine Backing Track No Bass Guitar

Premium Quality MP3 download Eric Clapton Cocaine backing track no bass guitar created by Jonesy Gig.

This is the most up to date live sounding version of the original Eric Clapton Track Cocaine.

Excellent performance instrumental MP3 for bass guitarist live gigging.

This backing track of Cocaine allows you to really stand out playing at a live performance.

Other backing track versions whilst brilliant in their own right remain faithful to the original music production.

Freshen up your setlist with this brand new backing track version of Cocaine which will really make you shine at your next gig.

Listen to the demo clip above then download the full MP3 version.

This MP3 includes a top quality intro and a professional performance ending.

Instant MP3 Download when the purchase is complete create a login and you can access your downloads any time.

Each Track purchased can be downloaded up to 3 times from your control panel just in case you lose your copy.

Happy Gigging!

Need the Lyrics? Get Them Here

Eric Clapton Cocaine Backing Track Versions Available:

Backing Track without lead guitar

Backing Track without rhythm guitar

Backing Track without bass guitar

Backing Track for singers

Backing Track for rhythm and lead guitarist duo drums and bass guitar only


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