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Line 6 guitar processors for guitarists

How to Enhance Your Live Performance Using Line 6 Guitar Processors

Guitar players who want to make their sound come alive on stage will find that playing guitar with line 6 guitar processors adds depth and dimension when playing live. Whether it’s playing at an open mic night, playing at a local pub, or playing for your friends and family, playing live is awesome. There are many benefits to playing live; however, one of the biggest drawbacks is that you only have one chance to get it right! Live gigs can be nerve-racking because there’s no room for error when everything you’re doing is being amplified through amps and speakers. If you want to be able to play confidently without worrying about mistakes or equipment failure then read on! This article will cover how Line 6 products can help enhance your live performance experience by giving you new sounds and effects while gigging out.

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What is The Line 6 Story?

Line 6 is a company that develops groundbreaking technology for musicians, they introduced the world’s first digital modeling amplifier in 1996 the AxSys 212.

In 1998 they revolutionised the industry with the POD® multi-effects unit for recording guitar with a great tone.

In 2015 Line 6 introduced their Helix® range which provided a massive step forward for guitar processing.

previously in 2014 Line 6 became a part of the Yamaha family and in 2017 they created the first-ever division within Yamaha which lead to the formation of the Yamaha Guitar Group, inc.

Line 6 is a company that focuses on providing musicians with the tools they need to succeed. With so many Line-Six products out there, it can be difficult deciding which ones you want and how to incorporate them into playing live music. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular effects pedals for guitarists and what makes them ideal for playing live.

Line 6 Helix® guitar processors

Line 6 Helix® guitar processors have set a new standard for speed and ease of use to craft authentic, responsive tones. Each product in the Helix family provides an approachable interface that eliminates complex menu diving with intuitive features like presets or customised parameters; replacing it with incredibly easy interaction – all while delivering extensive flexibility across various applications (amp models included) so you can take your sound from studio solo performance right back again!

Line 6 guitar processors are a game changer when it comes to creating authentic guitar sounds or to create an original sound for guitarists playing live or recording tracks in a studio.

Helix® floor multi-effects floorboard system

The Helix® floor is a flagship multi-effects floorboard system for Line 6 that offers incredible flexibility, power, and control. Helix floor uses HX Modeling dual-DSP processing to create sounds that will emulate guitar sounds from classic original tracks providing natural bloom, compression, modulation, and honk on some models, as well as an intense gain and breakup in others.

The Helix® Floor is a comprehensive master controller for a guitar system, with extensive I/O that provides unprecedented flexibility for the studio and stage. Touch-sensitive footswitches, scribble strips that can be customised, and a big colour LCD makes the user experience more efficient.


  • Powerful Dual-DSP HX Modeling
  • Large 6.2”, 800×480-Pixel LCD Screen
  • 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Microphones, and 104 Effects
  • Capacitive Footswitches and Customisable Scribble Strips. Touch to Edit, Hold to Assign, Press to Engage
  • Up to 3 Expression Pedals, CV/Expression Output, External Amp Switching, and Deep MIDI Control

Helix LT Guitar Processor

The Streamlined Helix® LT guitar processor is the next generation of high-end guitar effects equipment. It features dual-SHARC® processing and modeling with professional HX modeling found in flagship products such as the Helix®, which provides an easy player interface through a large LCD screen as well capacitive touch footswitches for quick edits while onboard expression pedal enables flexible performance options at your fingertips! The versatile device also includes analog & digital I/O along with USB Audio Interface, more than 100 built in effects presets – all this power-packed into one sleek package that won’t burden stage setup time.


  • Powerful Dual-DSP HX Modeling
  • Large 6.2”, 800×480-Pixel LCD Screen
  • 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Microphones, and 104 Effects
  • Capacitive Footswitches. Touch to Edit, Hold to Assign, Press to Engage
  • Up to 2 Expression Pedals, External Amp Switching, and Deep MIDI Control

HX Stomp Compact Amp & Effects Processor

The HX Stomp™ amp and effects processor is the ultimate in portable modeling! It’s small enough to fit into your backpack or bag but packs a powerful punch when it comes time for performances. With professional-grade sound quality like what you get from our market-leading Helix processors (and more!), this little guy will be sure not to let down anyone who demands authenticity while they’re on stage with them.


  • Authentic Tone
  • HX Cabsiimpulse responses
  • Component modeling
  • Behavioural modeling
  • Interaction
  • Capacitive touch footswitches
  • Snapshots
  • I/O Level Shifting
  • Routing
  • Command Center
  • Analog Bypass
  • HX Edit


Line Six has been a leader in digital technology for playing guitar and bass. Their products range from distortion, delay effects pedals to complete floorboards that provide digital modeling for guitarists. Line 6 guitar processors provide the perfect solution for playing live performances, or recording music studio tracks. Line Six uses multiple types of modeling including HX Modelling which offers realistic sounds that emulate original guitar sounds or custom sounds for your live performance using various amps and effects.

Visit The Line 6 Website To See All Their Amazing Products!

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