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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Jonesy Gig Backing Tracks

Simply click on the My Account Tab and you will have the option to Login or Register a new account with Jonesy Gig, make sure you keep your login details safe. Within your account area you can view recent orders and manage your account details, all of your downloads can be accessed within your account and can be downloaded up to 3 times at any time should you lose an MP3 in the future.

Jonesy Gig is unique as we provide a full video demo of each track showing the beginning, middle, and ending of the backing track, we believe a 20 second demo clip is not enough for our users which is why we have done it this way. The video demo obviously shows the full track with all instruments but the download you select will be minus the instrument that you have selected, and obviously without vocals. We believe in showing you the full track but have to protect our music from simply being ripped which is why Jonesy is singing at the top of his voice to demonstrate how the tracks could sound with vocals and a lead guitar part.

Any backing track can be purchased by simply adding your selected track to the shopping basket using the Add to Basket button on the selected backing track page. You can view your basket at any time and delete items added if you make a mistake simply click the basket tab at the top of the page. Once you are happy with your selections you can proceed to checkout or continue shopping. Once you proceed to checkout simply complete the steps to make payment and your download will instantly download once the payment is complete. Should you have a problem with a rare power cut or something out of the ordinary that stops the download don’t worry, simply log in to your account and download your tracks easily at anytime.

Jonesy Gig backing track downloads are 100% legal and we honour the MCPS agreements by compensating music artists for any backing track versions available on our site, licensed through PRS for music we ensure all copyrights are fully respected.

Yes a backing track can be modified for your own use once downloaded but none of our backing tracks can be resold even with modification as that would be a breach of our copyright.

Yes, we give permission to our account holders to use our backing tracks for public performance, but please remember to be legally compliant you or the venue must have a an official agreement from the national music rights management office such as MCPS.

For private non commercial events or party’s the use of our backing tracks is of course allowed with no restrictions.

Online payments to Jonesy Gig are secure and the transaction is made via Stripe which is one of the largest online payment banks.

All payments are completed via https secure pages commonly known as SSL this is a fully secure gateway, this technology prevents you from revealing personal information such as on an unsecured connection.