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Welcome to Jonesy Gig Backing Tracks

Custom made premium quality backing tracks for live performance

Fed up with searching for quality backing track music? Jonesy Gig Backing Tracks are created by a professional musician with over 30 years experience within the music industry!

Check Out Our Work

Backing tracks taken out of the 20th century, and brought to life with 21st century inspiration. All our backing tracks have a professional quality intro, middle and ending with no fade outs. Performing with high quality backing tracks will allow you to have fun and be creative making your live gigs amazing, giving your audience the wow factor.

Shaping the future of live music

Live music is popular in most countries across the world, having the ability to play at smaller venues with quality backing tracks has been our inspiration, we create classic gigging tracks with a modern lively uptempo feel that makes you feel like you are playing with a live band.

Unique Backing

All Jonesy gig backing tracks have been produced professionally, Each instrument has been recorded as a live player would play them in a full band scenario. Our quality backing tracks have been created and produced by Jonesy himself, and cannot be downloaded anywhere else in the world. All Jonesy Gig backing tracks are fully licensed for download by PRS for music.

Instant Downloads

When you decide which backing tracks would fit nicely into your set list, simply add the tracks of your choice to the cart, once payment has been made you will be redirected to download your backing track instantly. If you create an account with us all your purchases will be stored within your account, available to download should you lose your MP3 backing track sometime in the future.

Protect Your Music

Don't share your premium backing track downloads with others as this will dilute your investment. Having a unique sound will make you stand out from other musicians who use inferior backing music. Quality music will allow you to charge premium prices at your gigs and create a following by sounding, bigger, better, and much more professional. Protect your assets and really stand out at your next live gig.

Latest Professional Performance Backing Tracks

Be The Best

Professional quality backing tracks to improve your performance

Live Gigs

Play to an audience with Jonesy Gig backing tracks, stand out from other live gigging artists by using the best backing music in your set list. Performance quality will enable you to earn more money from venues so downloading professional quality backing track music from Jonesy Gig is a real investment for your business.

Home Use

Playing to backing tracks at home improves your guitar playing skills or vocal capabilities. Jonesy Gig backing tracks make playing to instrumental backing music fun and enjoyable. Our backing music is lively, modern, and upbeat compared to the original versions supplied elsewhere. We bring the fun back into playing with an MP3 instrumental music backing track.

Multiple Backing Track Options

Each Jonesy Gig backing track is available with different instruments removed. Backing tracks for lead guitarists, backing track music for rhythm guitar players, backing tracks for bass players, plus full instrumentals for singers to show of their vocal skills. All tracks have a full video demo showing the start, middle, and ending of each track, we we believe you deserve better than a 20 second demo clip which seems to be the standard on other download sites.

Full Length Video Demos

Each Jonesy Gig backing track has a full video demo that allows you to see the beginning, middle and end of the instrumental track, each track will be minus the vocals and the chosen instrument when downloaded.

Best Selling Backing Tracks

Professional Performance Backing Tracks for Guitarists, Singers, Saxophone, Keyboard, Brass, Orchestral, Pub Gigs, Shows or Home Practice

Jones Gig Backing Tracks Licensed by PRS for Music